workshop: unthinking capitalism

July – 10, 17, 24 and 31.

9-12 a.m. Pacific time.

Free your mind! The workshop ‘unthinking capitalism’ will play at the intersection between design and anthropology.

What if designers made relatives for kin instead of products for consumers?

What if anthropologists made things for knowing?


Capitalism is a totalizing system that naturalizes a specific world view. Engaging with such theoretical frameworks as Indigenous ontology, Black feminism, and political economy, we will use many modalities to explore ways to unthink capitalism in our lives, practices, teaching, and research. The aim is to playfully and critically decolonize both design and anthropology by working in relation, valuing all human and more-than-human gifts, challenging all forms of inequality and injustice.

We will read, we will make. We will spend as little time as possible in Zoom rooms. Don’t worry if reading makes you nauseous, or making things seems impossible. This isn’t the place to demonstrate what you already know. It’s the place to mess around, try new things, discover, experiment, and grow.


honor system payment

Funds raised will be used to support my collaborative work with Casey Anderson in Haiti and Los Angeles. This community-based work focuses on developing an arts-based electronics curriculum that is fun, flexible, and invested in local practices, politics, and aesthetics. This summer’s work will take place in Los Angeles in collaboration with Kaos Network. If you’re local, come visit!


To register, go here. Registered participants will receive information on how to join, etc.

This workshop is convened by Elizabeth Chin.